Another Reason to Prevent Shoplifting – Atlanta Georgia

As if there weren’t enough reasons to prevent shoplifting, how is the return/refund rate at your business?

A recent survey points out that annual merchandise returns amount to over $219 billion a year of which almost $12 billion is fraudulent.  This category of retail loss is significant.

Why has this category of retail loss continued to increase?

From the standpoint of the thief, receiving full value of the goods is much better than fencing merchandise for pennies on the dollar, or trying to sell it on the brown market for less than retail, and there are so many creative ways to return stolen merchandise to a store: using duplicate or phony receipts; actual receipts accompanying stolen merchandise; and buying merchandise from a discount retailer and returning to a full service store, among others.

Stolen merchandise result from the actions by shoplifters, internal theft, or sweethearting, collusion between an employee and a customer or vendor.  The ability to prevent shoplifting will reduce this area of loss considerably.

It is twice as painful for a retailer to pay full retail for his own merchandise that he can get wholesale from his vendor.

To become a harder target in this area of retail loss while maintaining excellent customer relations is a delicate balancing act faced by retailers every day.  Not taking merchandise back, or refusing to make refunds is a quick way to alienate legitimate customers.

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