An Invaluable Resource – Alpha Spider Wraps

I have a friend who is a district loss prevention investigator for a national hardware chain. She has seen the rise and fall of many trends from both shoplifters and employee theft cases. She also has had the opportunity to see the impact the addition of Alpha Security Alpha Spider Wrap retail anti-theft devices has made over the years.

If it wasn’t for the Alpha Spider Wrap, the losses from high dollar power tools and other boxed items would be thousands of dollars more than what it is in these stores. The addition of retail anti-theft devices has helped to mitigate or prevent shoplifting in these high loss areas.

Power tools are a huge loss item because they have enormous resale value and opportunity. They are easily pawned, used or sold to another person on the streets or job sites. If they were not so easy to unload for profit, they would not be stolen so frequently.

My friend has said numerous times that the Alpha Spider Wrap has been an invaluable resource and an effective retail anti theft device.

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