Alpha’s Cable Lok Will Secure Your Handbags

While employed at a department store, we began experiencing an increase in grab and run incidents involving handbags. One or more shoplifters would enter the store, pile purses on their arms, and quickly flee the store and enter an awaiting vehicle. For Loss Prevention, our ability to prevent shoplifting of this merchandise proved arduous; unless we were fortunate enough to be watching the door or happened to initiate observation of the subject before selection, an honest stop wasn’t feasible.

 My company had eliminated using cable lock boxes and tethering merchandise to racks a few years earlier because they inhibited customers’ ability to try on and examine the merchandise and thus reduced sales. Additionally, they certainly didn’t make for an attractive display of designer handbags. Since eliminating those tools, they hadn’t found a replacement retail anti-theft device to protect purses and smaller leather goods.

 With the augmentation of grab and run incidents, my employer turned to Checkpoint System’s Alpha division to find a solution to prevent shoplifting in our Handbags department and they recommended the Cable Lok, available in either a 2-Alarm or 3-Alarm format. Both solutions sound when tampered with and activate an EAS signal, but the 2-Alarm lacks the feature of self-alarming if removed from the store.

 The retail anti-theft device that my company chose for this type of merchandise was the 3-Alarm Cable Lok, which we could easily secure around the handle of the purse and it wouldn’t get in the way when honest customers wanted to see what it looked like over their shoulder. Not only did they eliminate our grab and run incidents, we received excellent feedback from our customers. Whether the 2-Alarm or 3-Alarm suits your needs, the Alpha Cable Lok will help you reduce loss in your store too!

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