After Prom – Alpha Shark Tag

If your local school hasn’t had their Prom yet, they probably will soon. As with every major dress event, it is not uncommon to see an influx of returns of special event clothing that has probably been worn – once. Now is the best time to take a look at the Alpha Security Alpha Shark Tag.

The Alpha Shark Tag is different from most of the traditional retail anti-theft devices that are designed strictly to prevent shoplifting.

This is a retail anti-theft device that is more like an anti-profit loss device.

This is a plastic tag that attaches to the garment. It is in an obvious place on the clothes that makes it unattractive to be worn, especially in a formal setting such as a dance. It is also in a place that would be had to hide or cover up with a wrap or jacket.

When the clothing is purchased, the tag stays on the clothes- again, different than retail anti-theft devices that are removed at the point of purchase. The sales person explains that the item being purchased can be returned as long as the Alpha Shark Tag is left on. If the tag is cut off, you can easily deny the refund- and any potential one-time uses of your merchandise.

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