ABC’s to Prevent Shoplifting

Drilling down to the basics of ways to prevent shoplifting, here are some sure fire winners:

Anticipate.  Learn to think like a shoplifter when merchandising.  Are there hidden areas on the sales floor where you can conceal merchandise without being seen?  Are highly desirable items displayed near exits or in far corners of the store?  Do sales staff and cashiers have a clear line of sight to all areas?  Is the store adequately staffed during busy periods so that all customers are acknowledged?  Eliminating the obvious will go a long way toward reducing or eliminating shoplifting at your store; you just have to get out of the merchant’s mindset and into the shoplifter’s skin for a minute.  What do I want, how can I get it, and what’s the risk of being caught?

Be proactive.  Train and educate your staff on everything there is to know about shoplifting.  Knowledge and awareness are keys in the battle to prevent shoplifting.  Include shoplifting prevention as part of every staff meeting, even if it is just a short mention.  Shoplifter awareness and prevention should become a part of everyone’s job description, since the impact of shrinkage is so great on the profit of any retail business.  Remind staff that it is money that is displayed on the sales floor and it should be treated as such.

Checkpoint Systems.  Think of EAS by Checkpoint Systems as the employee that doesn’t need to be reminded of the importance of controlling shoplifting.  That is its one and only purpose, to stand at the store’s exit and announce when merchandise is leaving that hasn’t been paid for.  And it never calls in sick or takes a break.  True, it needs other employees to do its job, but its presence makes everyone’s job a little easier by making more time available for employees to do the other aspects of their jobs.

These ABC’s are not meant to be comprehensive in any way.  But changing attitudes, along with the introduction of anti shoplifting technology, is a great way to prevent shoplifting at your location.

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