A Simple Way to Prevent Shoplifting – Atlanta Georgia

We as human beings have the nasty habit of over-complicating the simplest tasks, even when it comes to finding ways to prevent shoplifting. For years I have instructed my minions (I call them that to their faces, so I feel it’s ok to say it here as well) to think like a shoplifter. You walk into a store with the intent to steal. You’re trying desperately to appear calm, cool and collected without drawing any attention to yourself. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Some cheerful, smiling associate jumps in your face asking, “Can I help you find something today?” Yikes! Your cover is good as blown.

What’s worse? Even after you say, “No, thank you.” in the most innocent voice you can muster they still keep an eye on you; periodically checking to see if you require assistance. It’s ridiculous! Don’t they understand that thievery normally requires a bit of privacy? Are they just trying to be nice and helpful? Is this some new approach; some new fangled way to prevent shoplifting? You can’t be sure. It’s certainly not worth the risk when Mr. /Ms. Eager-to-help is 10-feet away from you breathing down your neck. Your best option is to find another store to steal from. This one is too… too… friendly.

Think about it, normal shoppers usually don’t mind an attentive associate. As a matter of fact they tend to appreciate it. It’s a little thing we in the business like to call “good customer service”. Not only is it great for business and will probably help you secure repeat customers, it is also an excellent way to repel and prevent shoplifting.

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