A Plan to Prevent Shoplifting

One of the most effective ways to prevent shoplifting in a retail setting is to train all employees on the different ways shoplifters use to steal merchandise and to make all employees, not just salespeople, aware of the effect shoplifting has on their own place of employment and the fact that they have a personal stake in it.

Any customer can potentially be a shoplifter and all retail employees at some time come into contact with and observe customer activity on the sales floor.

Why not use them as another weapon in the battle to prevent shoplifting?  Just an acknowledgement from an employee is enough to send the shoplifter down the street to another store. 

Employees will be glad to help if they are shown how.  At the very least, security and loss prevention policies should be covered during each employee’s orientation period at then at storewide meetings for a few minutes.  Even reminders in the paychecks or articles and posters on the employee bulletin board serve to remind everyone that shoplifting prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

But without reminders, most employees will revert to the old ways of ignoring customers and the signs of shoplifting.

Employees should also be instructed to report every incident of shoplifting or suspected shoplifting, such as empty packages hidden in shelves and empty hangers on display racks, to management so they will be aware of what types of merchandise are being taken, and where it is occurring.

Employees who are aware of ways to prevent shoplifting can control the enormous inventory loss to theft.

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