A Little Peace of Mind – Alpha Nano Gate

Everywhere you go, there are signs by public restrooms inside of stores asking that you not bring merchandise inside that has not been paid for. While most people willingly obey, there are some do not. Whether it is because they feel that they do not need to adhere to the request, or they have more dastardly reasons, sometimes a posted sign is not enough to prevent shoplifting.

The Alpha Security Alpha Nano Gate is a perfect solution for restrooms. This is a retail anti-theft device that works with your existing system. It is a small box that does the same function as the larger towers that are already in place at your exit doors.

By having a smaller design, the Alpha Nano Gate can be mounted in more tight spaces than their traditional pedestal counterparts. Since restroom vestibules are typically small designs, this works well. Signs can still be posted about not taking merchandise inside. This retail anti-theft device can be used to ensure that anyone looking to ignore the sign will have an alarm to answer to and might just think twice about trying to conceal their merchandise inside a restroom.

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