I recently gave some advice on the top 5 items (in my opinion) that should be protected with an Alpha Spider Wrap. After writing my thoughts, I went to power down my laptop for the night, but I couldn’t. While those 5 items were at the top of my priority list, I couldn’t help but think of 5 more. I’d be remised if I didn’t share them with you.


6. Electronic Razors

I recently replaced my aging shaver, and quickly realized that costs have gone up over the past 2 years. I guess I could’ve waited until Christmas, but I’m not going for the Duck Dynasty look. I noticed that all these clippers were well above the $50 price-point, but the store was not taking any measures to prevent shoplifting. A simple Alpha Spider Wrap would be the perfect solution if thieves are clipping you daily.


7. Printers/Printer Ink

These are targets for organized crime rings. They are expensive, hard to secure and easy to resell. Most retailers opt to keep the ink behind glass cases and the printers behind cages. Great idea to prevent shoplifting, but customers are probably leaving empty handed if they can’t track down an employee to open those cases.


8. Headphones

Little square boxes that sell for $200+. The better the sound quality, the higher the price. The higher that price, the more likely it is to be stolen. If you aim to keep your product accessible to customers, the Alpha Spider Wrap is the sure fire bet to keep you from hearing about all that loss from shoplifters.


9. High-end Cookware

Ever go out and purchase a good pot, or pan? It’s likely to set you back a few dollars. Additionally, most individual units aren’t packaged in any type of box, but are mostly open so the customer can marvel at high quality metal. So how are you supposed to secure a $100+ single item that no traditional tag can? The Alpha Spider Wrap can be a great solution to this problem, as they are perfect for those awkwardly shaped items!


10. Televisions

People steal TV sets more often than you would ever imagine. One thing that seems to deter this activity is a physical security measure in place. The most effective method I’ve seen to prevent shoplifting is the Alpha Spider Wrap. I’ve seen criminals completely bypass TVs that were secured and steal the smaller ones that were not. Needless to say, we use them on all boxed TV sets that we display on the sales floor!


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