3 Alarm technology does more than stop theft. It also protects against liability.

Anyone who has spent a large amount of time apprehending shoplifters has either made a bad stop or come really close.  When I say “bad stop” I’m referring to an apprehension where the suspect, in fact, did not have the product on their person.  The most common reason is that the LP Agent saw the customer conceal the product, but somewhere along the way the suspect de-concealed the product and the LP Agent missed it.  This situations can be very costly to companies as potential lawsuits can be filed for false imprisonment, defamation of character, emotional distress, etc.  To this end, many retailers have stopped making apprehensions all together.  I think the real solution lies in a happy medium.

 Stores need LP Agents making apprehensions.  This in and of itself helps prevent shoplifting as it sends a message that your store is not an easy target.  To help your LP Agents make safe and responsible apprehensions I suggest adding retail anti theft devices to the mix.  Retail anti theft devices will by themselves help prevent shoplifting.  Many would-be shoplifters will be deterred by having sensor tags, spider wrap, etc. on the product.  A new series of retail anti theft devices are called 3 Alarm products and are produced by Alpha security.  To maximize the 3 Alarm system I also suggest getting the Nano Gate from Alpha as well. 

 The 3 Alarm sensor tags do several things.  One, they act as a traditional EAS tag that sets off the door alarm.  When you add the Nano Gate the 3 Alarm tags will also activate an alarm built into the tag itself (once it passes the Nano Gate at the door).  When an LP Agent knows a suspect concealed an item with a 3 Alarm tag then they should expect the tag to sound from the shoplifters bag when the person exits.  A sounding alarm means they did not miss anything and are safe to make the apprehension.  No alarm and they can back off before making a costly mistake.

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