10 Long Minutes delivered by 3 Alarm

When one thinks of time, it can feel as if a second is over in a flash. A minute may take a little longer. A minute can also feel like an eternity depending on what is happening in that minute and one’s frame of mind.

Ten minutes can feel like an eternity if one is waiting for an important phone call. Ten minutes can also feel like an eternity if one is standing in line waiting to check out in a store. Ten minutes absolutely feels like an eternity if your store’s 3 Alarm retail anti-theft device is screaming at the shoplifter who just stole your merchandise.

That’s right, a 3 Alarm tag will sound for a full ten full minutes before it ceases its audible alarm.

Hopefully 3 Alarm retail anti-theft devices will prevent shoplifting from the get-go. This system uses a three-step warning to persuade a shoplifter to change his ways if for some reason it does not initially deter the thief.

Step one in the warning system is the perimeter warning. If the tags get too close to the entry doors without being detached, an alarm will sound.

The second step occurs anytime a product is being tampered with by a potential thief. An alarm is generated if a shoplifter tries to disarm or detach 3 Alarm security products without the proper detacher.

Finally, if the shoplifter ignores all warnings and attempts to walk out the door with the product, a 3 Alarm tag will emit a siren for a full ten minutes. That is usually enough time for the shoplifter to come to his senses, drop the merchandise, and allow you to retrieve it before it walks out the door.

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